Buying Used Lab Equipment

When building a new lab to a restrictive budget buying new equipment is not always possible. So you may consider going for used lab equipment instead of the new ones and still find efficient and cost-effective equipment. When purchasing any laboratory equipment, whether new or used, what is most important


Lab Design Trends to Expect in 2022

It’s always exciting to anticipate new and modern laboratory designs that promise more flexibility and productivity. The case for recent trends is to increase efficiency in research, designing, and building new technology. Laboratory furniture is one of the critical amenities to consider when exploring lab design trends. After all, furniture


One Nucleus

One Nucleus Limited Established in 1997, One Nucleus is a not-for-profit Life Sciences & Healthcare membership organisation centred on the Greater London-Cambridge-East of England corridor. Headquartered in Cambridge, at the heart of Europe’s largest Life Sciences & Healthcare cluster, we support those institutions, companies and individuals undertaking activity in or


Classroom Design Top Tips

When researching modern classroom design there are so many options but then I saw a picture that stopped me in my tracks: It was the classroom of Michigan high school English teacher Rebecca Malmquist. It looked like a living room! A place you might call home, somewhere to curl up


Social Distancing In Schools

There is still some uncertainty with the current COVID 19 pandemic on what the education and classroom environment will look like in September 2020. However it is likely that when the schools do re-open there will be some social distancing measures to be adhered to. But what does this look


Corona Virus: How to get back to work safely

Business an ‘unusual’. Organisations are preparing to get back to work for the new normal and having to reconsider work safety. Not withstanding the devastating human cost of COVID-19, this pandemic has turned the business world on its head.With a quarter of businesses in the UK temporarily closed and an

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