Cleanroom design & build


Manufacturing facilities, product assembly,  R&D work, Labs 


We offer a complete turnkey package for traditional build cleanrooms designed to ISO 14644-4:2022, installed and validated to ISO14644-1:2015 and ISO14644-3:2019 and industry specific requirements such as EU GMP, BRC.

The cleanroom will be a bespoke design for your space and most importantly your process; be that manufacturing, research or product development. We work within life science, advanced engineering, electronics and food sectors.

A great cleanroom is made during the design and planning phase. The backbone to the design is a fully developed briefing document or User Requirement Specification (URS) document. This document will detail every part of the production facility. It should be possible to walk through the entire production process by reading this document and so it contains all the information required to ensure that the design of the cleanroom and any supporting labs together with future expansion plans are catered for. There will be a lot of information in this document and our team are able to help to develop this document with you. 

Depending on your URS we may construct your cleanroom from traditional monobloc panels or a more versatile aluminium system frame. The airflow design could be as simple as a series of filtration with a fan or a full HVAC system depending on your required environmental controls. A cleanroom as defined by ISO 14644 does not require temperature or humidity control these are all user or process requirements and should be specified in the URS. Likewise, some processes have sensitivity to different light waves or static and require ESD control which again should be specified with the permitted tolerances in the URS.

We are very keen to work alongside our customers to help them to achieve the perfect facility for their very unique process and site. Early conversations when forming the URS can help to select the right site for the facility, develop the budget and select the right suppliers to work alongside.

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