Specialist HVAC Laboratories


R&D labs, medical / clinical labs, biosafety labs, chemistry labs, Physical lab, biological lab, Or wet, dry, microbiological ,vivo, teaching, clean room


Effective and reliable HVAC plays an important role to ensure the lab facility remains a safe working environment for the staff and processes, whist ensuring the facility remains a controlled compliant environment in keeping with process standard / classification.

Many hazards exist within a lab that need to be closely reviewed to ensure substances and processes are correctly controlled, effective fume containment and adequate distribution of fresh supply air is essential to ensure this risk is controlled.

To design an effective HVAC system, its essential that we consider all factors such as:
  • Lab type, general arrangement, activity, workflow, contaminants used.
  • Location and nature of fume containment/ exhaust points, LEV systems and subsequent air change rate.
  • Required level of temperature, humidity, control.
  • Detail of heat rejecting equipment, moisture level, expected occupancy.
  • Required air pressure regime, filtration standard, location of lab devices (especially air sensitive equipment) and possible sources of contamination.

The design team will engage to get a full understanding of the above along with additional details of the site and scope of works, a detailed site survey would be undertaken, then we can offer available options from least costly, generally a constant volume system (CV) to most efficient employing variable air volume (VAV) complete with automated controls and supportive works.

We can also provide system audits, technical review, seasonal commissioning, and alterations for existing systems.

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