5 Essential Things to Consider When Buying Lab Furniture

5 Essential Things to Consider When Buying Lab Furniture

Are you setting up a new laboratory or replacing laboratory furniture? Lab furniture is usually significant and plays a crucial role in making your working space comfortable, safe, and efficient. Therefore, you need to focus on buying lab furniture that is not only fit for purpose but will last.

Here are 5 essential things you need to consider when buying science lab furniture in the UK.

The Laboratory Type

Depending on the type of work you will be doing in your laboratory will dictate your furniture needs. Multiple sectors will require a laboratory to do research and experiments. Since all industries are unique, the lab requirements are different, and they come with unique setup and safety measures.

Understanding your specific area of laboratory work will help you know the type of laboratory to set up and the most suitable furniture. The lab furniture must be tailored to meet the industry requirement. Common laboratory types include educational laboratories, clinical/ medical laboratories, analytic and quality laboratories, chemical laboratories, research and development, production, or pharmaceutical laboratories.

Laboratory Intended Use

The laboratory intended use dictates the chemical reagents to be used. It defines whether a lab is dry or wet. You should ensure that the furniture selected can withstand chemical spills and other liquid solutions without getting damaged if it’s a wet lab.  A dry lab that uses dry chemicals and lots of electronic equipment and the furniture selected should hold the equipment safely and in place.

Furniture Material Quality

It is essential to consider the furniture material used to determine if it’s suitable for your laboratory. The furniture material should be spill-resistant and corrosion-resistant. There is a wide range of material finishes, and you should select a finish that is ideal for your lab. Lab furniture materials include: chemical laminate, stainless steel, high-pressure laminate, expose resin, ESD laminate, Trespa and phenolic resin.


When buying laboratory furniture in the UK, it is worth considering ongoing maintenance. The maintenance will vary from one material to another, and poor maintenance causes wear and tear quickly. You need to know the right way to clean your surfaces so that you don’t end up damaging them. For example, if a furniture material is not to be cleaned using water. If you are unsure of the best way to clean furniture surfaces, liaise with your suppliers for guidance.


Price is always a great factor to keep in mind while purchasing lab furniture. While it’s good to go the cost-effective way, don’t settle for low-quality lab furniture products just because the price is a bit lower.  When you go for low–quality products, they will wear out quickly. Thus they will need to be replaced quickly and end up becoming costly. Go for quality durable products that will serve you a long time.

Consider the Lab Floor Plan

It’s essential to keep in mind the laboratory design and the space available before purchasing lab furniture. While most manufacturers offer standard sizes, some service providers offer customised lab furniture with custom sizes, colors, and unique design features that will give you satisfaction.

If you are looking to buy laboratory furniture in the UK, please contact us on 0800 193 2006 and our team will be happy to help.



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