What to Consider When Choosing Laboratory Furniture

What to Consider When Choosing Laboratory Furniture

When setting up a laboratory, one of the most important things to consider is the furnishing. This is because furniture plays a major role in making your working space as efficient, comfortable and as safe as possible. Below are the things to consider when choosing laboratory furniture.

Choosing Laboratory Furniture

Laboratory Type

Laboratories come in different types; with different uses. They also come with different risks requiring unique set-up and safety measures. It is important, therefore, to consider these factors when choosing furniture for your laboratory. Identify the laboratory type first and you can determine the most suitable furniture. The most common laboratory types are R&D laboratories, chemical laboratories, analytic and quality laboratories, educational laboratories, clinical and medical laboratories, production laboratories and more. Another consideration when it comes to the laboratory type is determining whether it is intended to be a “dry” laboratory or a “wet” laboratory. This can determine the type of materials and furniture required.

Strategic Planning

Before choosing furniture for your laboratory, it is worth identifying your work zones and consider the traffic flow. This will help you lay out your laboratory in a way, that the laboratory furniture will complement workflow and not hinder easy movement or create hazards. Drawing up a plan before choosing your furniture will give you a clear idea of what your laboratory will look like, and also help you select the most suitable laboratory furniture.


Due to the wide range of activities that are carried out in laboratories, flexibility is one of the most important features of a successful lab. In essence, a flexible lab design having flexible lab furniture allows you to adapt to changing needs as your business grows. Having flexible lab furniture, you can easily reorganize your lab to create a different workflow. Considering the future of business will assist in reducing the cost of alterations further down the road.

Quality of Laboratory Furniture

As with every product, the quality of laboratory furniture is very important. It is important to consider the material used, and determine whether it is suitable for your laboratory or not. There a wide range of conventional and specialist materials that can be used to enhance the environment of a laboratory.
It is important to ensure that the material selected is fit fitness for purpose, with durability and reliability being of paramount importance.
At Lab Fit we are experts at matching the appropriate materials to the predominant chemicals needed in a laboratory and we have a wide range of system types and finishes available to suit.

Fume Hood

A fume hood is a major fixture in many laboratories, which is why it should be considered during furnishing. The fume hood must be placed in a suitable position, so the laboratory furniture can be properly set up to avoid causing hindrances in the laboratory. Consider the fume hood first when drawing up a plan for your laboratory, as it can affect how the furniture should be set up.

Efficiency and Ergonomics

It is not enough to purchase laboratory furniture of the best quality; they must also be efficient. Lab chairs, lab tables or cabinets that do not allow researchers to work comfortably are undesirable and should be avoided. Consider furniture that will reduce stress and optimize productivity. Lab furniture must also be arranged in a way that they do not constantly affect traffic in the lab. Careful instrument placement and adequate light must also be put in place for increased efficiency.


Your budget is also very important when considering laboratory furniture. Your budget will largely determine the specification of the lab. While cost-effectiveness is paramount, it is important to avoid low-quality products simply because they come at a cheap price.


The maintenance of laboratory furniture varies from one material to another. Poor maintenance causes wear and tear, so it is important to consider this when designing and building your lab.

Purchasing laboratory furniture is an important part of creating a successful laboratory.

At Lab-Fit we use the latest CAD technology to provide a free design and layout service of your complete laboratory solution.

Our experienced designers will listen carefully to your individual requirements and offer practical advice to make the most of your budget, then provide concept designs of your new lab furniture.

We offer a comprehensive range of world-class services and products that provide our clients with complete, one-stop solutions across a wide range of industries.

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