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New School Laboratories and Classroom Solutions

Lab Fit works with educational facilities across the country to design learning spaces and to provide classroom solutions that are not only inspiring and stimulating, but also meet the needs of the busy learning environment. New school laboratories can transform the teaching and learning experience. 

At Lab Fit we can co-ordinate the supply & installation of your school laboratory furniture and also offer a full turnkey school refurbishment service including school chair, tables and classroom furniture.

Lab Fit Bring Together Years Of Expertise That Can Be Applied To:​

Whether you’re looking to create a space that inspires creativity, encourage more students to take up science, or flexible learning environments, our consultationand detailed design process takes into account the needs 21st century learning.

Our school science labs are designed and built to suit your individual needs, requirements and budget. We create inspired science laboratories for all ages and stages, and will work closely with your school to create a finished project that delivers a space you can be proud of.

Our experienced team will pay attention to all aspects of your space including:

  • Plumbing and water supply
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and fume control
  • Fixed and Mobile furniture
  • Lighting and blackout requirements
  • Acoustics and sound proofing
  • Flooring and other finishes
  • Adjustable height solutions
  • Department of Education requirements
  • Power and data cabling
  • Structural changes
  • Storage
  • Teachingwalls
  • Windows, doors and partitioning
  • And more…


Practical, flexible and safe food technology classrooms to encourage learning


Adaptable and ergonomic technological suites for modern learning enviroments


Multi-functional, durable safe environment to create technology focused learning.


Create a space which inspires those that love reading and brings books to life.


Modern and flexible spaces to engage and inspire students.


Modern, durable and low maintenance areas.


Professional and welcoming areas designed to make the right first impressions.

Building futures

Creating inspirational practical learning spaces

From initial consultation through to final installation – and everything in-between. At Lab Fit we can provide a one-stop solution for all your classroom refurbishment needs.


Let’s Work Together! Book your visit.

As one of the UK’s leading specialist laboratory construction companies, we offer a comprehensive design and installation lab fit out service, creating intelligent solutions to transform your workspace into a safe, productive, and effective environment.

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