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Laboratory Furniture Specialists, Lab Furniture – ideal for industrial, educational and commercial labs
Are you looking to refurbish your existing laboratory facilities?

Our dedicated Lab Furniture team are delighted to undertake minor refurbs to full lab fit-outs, our comprehensive range of under Laboratory Table, benching, cabinets, workbenches, cupboards and storage systems seamlessly integrate to produce bespoke solutions for any size of project.

We specialise in supplying and installing industrial laboratory furniture in a wide range of settings from research laboratories, hospitals, educational and commercial settings. All of the laboratory furniture products and equipment are fully compliant with health and safety regulations and are built to last in tough environments.


At Lab Fit we work with you to ensure that the appropriate materials are used for your environment, adhereing to the relevant stringent health and safety requirements of modern industry. These services are available to


  • Clean Rooms
  • Wet Laboratories
  • Dark Rooms
  • QC Laboratories
  • R&D Laboratories
  • Full turnkey installations


Educational laboratories should be creative inspiring places, stimulating curious minds whilst providing durable, functional and cost-effective solutions. Our project management team works closely with each and every client to ensure that we meet the needs of a modern 21st century teaching environment within the school budget.

As part of our service we can also discuss the relevant fume cupboard requirements for your project and can provide any ancillary building works necessary for fixed fume cupboard ducting.

Our services cover:

  • Schools and Colleges
  • Universities
  • Special needs
  • Primary Schools
  • Food Technology
  • Design Technology
  • ICT


Trespa is used globally and recognised as a premier developer of high-quality panels for scientific surface solutions.

Today’s modern laboratory environments demand compliance with rigorous health and safety codes and standards, therefore it is necessary to source and utilise the right materials.

The TopLab product lines, ‘Base’ and ‘Plus’, are developed specifically for the most challenging functional and scientific applications and combine basic requirements like chemical resistance, high durability and long-lasting hygiene.


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As one of the UK’s leading specialist laboratory construction companies, we offer a comprehensive design and installation lab fit out service, creating intelligent solutions to transform your workspace into a safe, productive, and effective environment.

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