How to reduce your laboratory’s environmental impact and save energy

How to reduce your laboratory’s environmental impact and save energy

The word like agile workspace has something more deeper meaning than just the efficiency to move faster. If you are a part of the development industry, you will agree.

The agile practice has been trending and gaining popularity for the past few years. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the temporary closure of offices to maintain social distancing was in full swing.

The worldly circumstance has prompted a revision of the way we work and agile working methodology has become apparent. A shift from the usual working environments to a more flexible working schedule and workspace, video conferencing devices and other changes are taking place. This is how office refurbishment UK will continue to support businesses  to keep operating in 2021 and beyond.

Hence, this transition to get a better balance in work-life is possible with agile working methodology. From Office fit out to flexible working is now the new ‘normal.

How to adopt an Agile Workspace Approach?

  • A shift in Working Schedule

The first thing to consider in this methodology is a change in the working schedule by making it more flexible. Test the preferences of your staff to understand when they are more comfortable to adjust the working hours?

Do they like to start early? Or, maybe arriving and leaving later suits their lifestyle? The third option can be to adopt split-shift working hours.

Different staff would have different opinions, finding a median point that serves the requirements of the business whilst serving the needs of your staff.

  • Duty time Agility

Suppose any staff member has to step away during working hours. The staff may need to deal with other things irrelevant to the office work, such as attend the medical clinic, bring a child back from school or something similar. How would you and your staff sort that out?

Would it be necessary to work the missed out hours back? Or, if they can finish the required duties within the working hours despite going out, will that be enough?

Hold a meeting to discuss policies that will work for each staff member. Incorporate the ways to initiate a request on how to step away while suiting the expectations of both parties.

  • Remote working

How practical is it to implement a remote location duty policy or a daily work from home practice? Do all the employees have the right devices to be able to work from home?

Again, what about their connectivity?  Working with the staff members does improve communication so that the business can operate more effectively. When considering this option it is necessary to set expectations and make it clear what both sides determine in case of productivity.

  • Office Space Flexibility

It is important to modify office furniture to make way for agility practices. Hot-desking allows occupying any work desk in the office space. In addition, a application based scheduling device, conference room booking, setting collaboration spaces are necessary for agile practices.

These are some of the necessary steps to consider when opting for an agile working office.

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