General Building 

Not every organisation requires a complete laboratory fit out or office refurbishment, or have the funds to update their existing facilities. That’s why Fit Lab also provide general building works to help with the refurbishment and reorganisation of work spaces, giving them a new lease of life so they are transformed into exciting and energising places for employees.


Our extensive technical background and in-house NIC regulated electricians enables us to design, install and maintain electrical services in both laboratories and offices of all sizes. Our tried and tested processes and procedures ensure quality, safety and value, no matter how complex or straightforward the electrical installation requirements are.


Modern laboratories require a variety of intricate piping systems in order to function to their full capabilities, while also meeting detailed safety and environmental standards. Whether you need to update or install new plumbing into your laboratory or commercial office, our fully accredited and experienced specialist ensure you meet the relevant health and safety requirements for your industry.


Choose from a wide range of paints and wall coverings to refresh the interior of your office or laboratory. As part of our free on-site consultation, we can provide advice on the best tones and colours to suit the environment. This is an important finishing touch to any work space that influences use of light and impacts on the mood and atmosphere for those making use of it every day.

Mechanical Works

We help out clients find appropriate solutions to designs issues and can create and install systems to match. From air conditioning and heating systems, to ventilation and chiller plant installations, we are able to support a complete range of interior mechanical requirements. This can be for small or larger projects related to a lab fit out or a commercial office, giving you the flexibility you need.


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As one of the UK’s leading specialist laboratory construction companies, we offer a comprehensive design and installation lab fit out service, creating intelligent solutions to transform your workspace into a safe, productive, and effective environment.

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